Will the Tiger Mother Buys NBA Jerseys for Children?

As we all know, tiger mother is a special product of the time, which stands for one of the idea of children education. But there is a funny activity aiming at the tiger mother’s attitude for the NBA Jerseys.

In 2017, nearly a thousand readers of “Tiger Mother with Cool Baby” participated in the survey on whether or not would they buy the NBA Jerseys for their children in the future. The answers are totally different. Some parents insist that child should not play basketball, let alone the jerseys, for these stuffs will have a bad effect on their study. Moreover, as a “tiger mother”, they also will resort to use forces to limit such willingness of their kids.

However, different people have different opinions. Another parents investigated by the interviewers agree to buy jerseys for their children. When asked the reasons, they put out two points. For one thing, play is the nature of children, we cannot limit even kill the trait which’s owned by children only. On the contrary, we’d better lead it. For example, when children asks to buy a jersey for them, as parents, we can make a deal with them. Like, we will buy jerseys for them only when they can get a high score in next exam. Thus, we all get what we want. For another thing, NBA is a healthy sports in the world, it is a good thing for your children love it, which can bring your children a good living habit rather than to stay at home playing mobile phones. Therefore, buying jersey for them is the first step. Anyhow, we can also make a good lead on this.

In addition, the topic moved more than the jersey-buying afterwards. Parents are more pumped. More and more parents feel anxious about their kids’ higher school entrance in advance, pay attention to the prospect of the “Entrance of middle school” about the school district and the school even from kindergarten. As a result, the competition among the private primary schools, especially the private primary schools affiliated to the A-level secondary schools, is becoming increasingly fierce.

In the face of the overall situation of the nationwide school choice, we should promote the correct values of society, help parents who is in the international education routes to establish a suitable education concept for children under the pressure of further education. So that’s the point and the aim of talking about the jersey-buying problem.