No Jersey of Wade’s, No God of Basketball

One day, my mom asked me why I love basketball so much. I did not answer her, but picked up a picture of Wade, hanging on my bedroom. Yes, I love Wade, more than myself, including his jersey.

Have you ever remembered the famous stars of basketball? Once ever toughly defence Madison garden of “Basketball Hall”, the gangs of New York; once ever the “shooting textbook” Alan – Houston; once ever who openly challenged the authority of the union, the “madman” Spring Will, the little inspirational example Starks, the “aunt” Johnson. Perhaps it was Nicks’ regrets to have lost to the Spurs in the finals at the end of last century, but these frustrated veterans gathered together to fight for the final honour, and the shaking “black eight miracle” at that time. All these are worth to be remembered by people. Do you still remember their jerseys?

“I’ve had so many experiences in my life. If one day I had to crawl out of the court, maybe I would do the same. No one could lift me off the court with a stretcher. This will never happen.” This is Mourning’s last words left to NBA, extremely elegant and valuable. If you have read his 50 point in single game, have seen the scene of his challenging the “gangs of New York”, have seen the man who experienced the kidney transplant surgery in the field risked his life to stop the opponents’ shooting in the field, you will respect him. This may be Alonzo – Ning’s almost presumptuous contempt for death, this is for final glory and dignity.

And many of the growth experienced players like Wade from the slums of Chicago, there is a drug addict mother, cared for by her sister grew up, grew up with his father and brother at home in front of the cement ground ball, now gives no solution breakthrough; high school did not participate in any training camp, no more scouts attention; the University spent a year in the bench; participating in the NBA draft and because the quarterback play point guard is not tall. Later, the fate of God finally visited the young man, the unfortunate man, so that he paid back after many years, so that his career third years to win the championship trophy. Just as Wade has said, “God can see your efforts, only if you can’t give up on yourself.”

Maybe one day we will all grow up, but the dream for jersey will last forever.

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